Have you ever considered public speaking?

There are numerous benefits to public speaking and SDI is always seeking service desk professionals willing to take advantage of these opportunities at SDI's popular and well attended events. From raising your profile within the industry to meeting a personal development target,SDI supports speakers from start to finish in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Taking the next step towards speaking with SDI is easy - simply contact us using the form to the right.


I would definitely recommend anyone who is a first time speaker to give it a go.

Sharon Mossman, Durham University

Why speak for SDI?

  • Suggest presentation topics to suit you
  • Meet a personal development goal
  • Raise your company's service desk profile
  • Friendly audience and relaxed atmosphere
  • Networking and industry contact growth opportunites
  • Spend the whole day at the event for free
  • Lunch is included at our live events
  • Feedback from delegates to help you develop
  • Speak in the UK and globally
  • Choice of live events and webinars

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