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Updated format for 2016 - Shine now includes real life case studies.

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by service desk case studies so you can learn from the experience of your IT service peers.

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Shine16 took place on 29 September 2016.  

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Conference Programme:

Times are given in British Summer Time BST (GMT+1)


3am BST 4am BST 5am BST
Building a winning team

Korrine Jones, OD Consulting

Practical and effective strategies to build brilliant teams that deliver outstanding service.

Korrine is kicking off Shine16 from Brisbane Australia, where it will be 11am local time.

Enabling Process Improvement - It's the little things that count

Lana Yakimoff, 
Service Management Consulting Services Pty Ltd 

Process improvements should be straightforward activity. However, it is not always the case. It quite often stops before it starts due to lack of time, funding and conflict of BAU vs. improvement capability. But in this world of ever-growing focus on customer experience, if you're not improving you are lagging behind. Join me in discussing how to enable process improvement so that Operations can provide the best customer experience and service. It’s the little things that count.
Tear up your support SLAs - your customers don't care
Dave O'Reardon, CIO Pulse/ SilverSix

In the world of IT support there is only one true measure of service quality, and that is customer satisfaction. In this presentation, Dave will share some scary statistics, explain why you should tear up your support SLAs, and show you what you should be doing instead.

6am BST 7am BST 8am BST
Picking your metrics
Gerry Veugelaers, New Zealand Defence Force.

Service desks are often slaves to numbers but what do they really tell you? This session will introduce the metrics I consider worth tracking and how they can help to build a better performing service desk while delivering good customer service.



The real value of reporting
Paul Coxhead, Camelot Lotteries UK

As part of a company-wide ‘simplification’ project we on the service desk have been looking at the value our reporting generates. We’ve worked on identifying what we really need to report on, whilst dedicating more time to analysis of our reporting and in turn feeding this into our Service Improvement Plans to help us make informed decisions. My presentation will bring to life our journey to date, from recognising that we needed to look at, what we did to make change happen, and the benefits of taking these steps.


Choose your own improvement battles

Mark Smalley,
The IT Paradigmologist at the ASL BiSL Foundation 

How do you select feasible improvements that actually matter to you and your customers?
9am BST 10am BST 11am BST

Review, Refresh and Improve

Alan Munday, Admit Consultancy

Based on his experiences of implementing and improving Service Management capabilities within a number of industry sectors, Alan shares a host of lessons learnt and key messages on how to build effective and efficient service desks. The particular focus is on reviewing, refreshing and improving service desks so that they continually evolve into a key part of your organisation.



Improving customer service by empowered process improvement

Gordon Roberts, University of Bath

Selling the service desk to the business

 Rui Soares

IT struggles to demonstrate value as it becomes stealth under all the ever- changing and faster activities it enables. The focus is on how to sell service desk as pivotal within the business, be it to other internal areas, external customers or both. And even to IT itself.

12 noon BST 1pm BST 2pm BST

Changing the way we work

Adam Haylock, 
Aylesbury Vale District Council

Aylesbury Vale District Council is changing in a big way as we embark on our commercial
programme to ensure our future by becoming self-sufficient. We have broken down the silos and work in much larger sectors in a flexible and collaborative manner.

Learn how we have embraced this culture 

and introduced the latest service management technology enabling us to set up an Enterprise Service Desk. 

Implementing Enterprise Service Management 

André Roshan and Bjørn Gjersvik, University of Agder

Service Desk: The heart of DevOps

Daniel Breston, Business Transitionologist, Ranger4 Ltd

DevOps is the collaborative movement of professionals seeking to use technology (people, processes and the fun stuff) to help organisations create ways of going from idea to live for their customer value.  In which case collaborating, understanding, trying things out quickly and getting feedback is our mainstay.

3pm BST 4pm BST 5pm BST

Case Study: A blended approach

Andrew Humphrey, Auto Trader

Auto Trader’s service management journey over the past five years has seen them start with ITIL process implementation, incorporate Lean principles, Agile development methods and DevOps automation. This blending of approaches uses the best of breed from multiple disciplines to offer an enviable level of business support.

Case Study: Service desk as a partner to the business

Peter Lonsdale & Heather Sawyer, McDonald's

McDonald’s People Service Helpdesk was born from the amalgamation of many individual department helplines. Initial aspirations were about efficiency and consistency of service. The team has evolved over the years and now aims to be, and is seen by the business as a value adding partner. The journey of strategic alignment is ongoing but we have enjoyed a number of successes to date.

How Improving Change Management Can Improve your Business (and win friends!) 

Duncan Watkins, ITSM Director, Realising Value.

Now that technology is at the heart of so many businesses, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be taken seriously and add real value. The flip side of this is that we’re now taken seriously and expected to add real value. Duncan will show how effective change management can deliver better results without increased cost and time to market.

6pm BST    

Case Study: Leading a winning service desk team

Damian Bowen, NTT DATA

Gaining 4 star certification against the rigorous SDI standard is no easy task, but one of the most rewarding I have been through.  Learn the challenges, the benefits and emotions involved in the process. More importantly learn how it could turn your team around and change the value you add to the business. 















Event News


Keynotes from New Zealand and Australia confirmed

We're thrilled to announce two more fantastic speakers confirmed to be joining the Shine16 programme:

Gerry Veugelaers, Service Delivery Manager at New Zealand Defence Force

Gerry will be sharing the benefit of his vast experience including working within telecommunications, network design, consulting, and 10 years in the public sector before his current role in shared services at the New Zealand Defence Force.  

Gerry's presentation will look at the importance of choosing the right metrics to focus on for maximum business value.

Dave O'Reardon, founder and CEO of Silversix

Joining us from Melbourne, Australia will be Dave O'Reardon, presenting "Tear up your IT support SLAs – Your customers don’t care".  Dave helps IT support teams adopt Net Promoter practices and use customer feedback to drive continual service improvement, enhance IT's reputation and reduce the cost-to-serve. Silversix is the company behind www.cio-pulse.com

In his presentation Dave will share some scary statistics, explain why you should tear up your support SLAs, and show you what you should be doing instead.


Auto Trader joins Shine16 to share their service desk success story

Andrew Humphrey, Head of Service Management at Auto Trader, will be joining us to talk about thier service management journey over the past five years which has seen them start with ITIL process implementation, incorporate Lean principles, Agile development methods and DevOps automation. This blending of approaches has resulted in a highly flexible support organisation that uses the best of breed approach from multiple disciplines to offer an enviable level of business support.

Andrew has 15 years of experience in Service Management and Service Delivery leading teams at IBM, Lloyds Bank and Compass Group Plc.


SDI Members to present at Shine16 - learn from real service desk success stories


Paul Coxhead, IT Service Desk Manager at Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd will be sharing the metrics that hold the most value for the service desk team, the customer and the business.  Adam Haylock of Aylesbury District Council is joining us to talk about their recent ESM project, and Stuart Beale of Leicestershire County Council will present a case study on how they turned their IT service operation in to a revenue driver for the organisation.


We're excited to announce the following keynote speaker sessions!

Choose your own improvement battles, Mark Smalley, Smalley.IT

Mark is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT and a returning speaker at our virtual conference.
Also known as The IT Paradigmologist, Mark has spoken at more than 100 events on 4 continents.

At Shine16 
Mark will be sharing his views on how to determine which process improvements you
should focus on for the greatest impact.

How to build a winning service team, Korrine Jones, OD Consulting

Korrine is Director at OD Consulting and specialises in maximising the productivity of teams,
specifically the trai
ning and development of virtual, dispersed and remote teams.

Korrine's session will focus on practical and effective strategies to build brilliant teams that
deliver outstanding service.

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